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With its unique economic structure consisting of 5 million small and medium enterprises, Italy is the second wealthiest country in the G20. This website was created to help them grow.


Panoramaeconomy.com, published by the Mondadori group’s economic weekly of the same name, came into existence because its editors feel that the economic value of Italy is underrated. Italians who travel a lot or work abroad often remark that “Italy punches below its weight”.

What that means in economic terms is that Italy doesn’t always get the recognition its traditions, creativity and ability to develop business and innovation deserve. There is an information gap: outside the national borders (or outside the specific sectors), the rich complexity of its industrial structure is unknown. It is a structure made up of thousands of small and medium enterprises with amazing human and entrepreneurial stories. The strategic value of Italy’s industrial clusters is even less well known: they have acted as a real safety net for so many companies in difficult times, but they also form an extraordinary geography of the finest Italian productions known and valued all over the world. Italy is not just fashion, food and supercars. It is the world leader in 250 products, from ships to taps, and makes innovative contributions even to the most advanced sectors, from biotech to information technology.

Italy is the second wealthiest country in the G20. Its production system is surpassed in Europe only by Germany, and it has a unique economic structure consisting of 5 million small and medium enterprises that employ 90% of the work force.

This website was created to give the world the opportunity to meet them, and help them grow. It will be presented for the first time in New York, on the occasion of the Italian Innovation Day at the Metropolitan Club, the first event of the project Why Italy Matters to the World. Because many of the answers are right here on the website.



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