4 Factors to Consider While Searching For the Right Loans to Buy Cars

Getting loans to buy a car is easy in Australia as there are lots of providers offering finance. However, it is also a fact that all customers who take loans for cars have a happy and satisfying experience with the lenders. Even, many end up being highly complaining or feeling drained due to too much of expense of interest rates. Hence it totally makes sense to evaluate pros and cons of taking loans as well as proceed with adequate knowledge, advice and tips to get the best deal.

From finding the right car finance Brisbane provider to know other tricks to achieve a really low interest rate, there are several such factors that are to be considered. When you will proceed wisely, you will find things have become easier and straightforward for you. Let us know about 5 factors that every customer needs to keep in mind, before seeking for any kind of car loan.

Negotiating Cost of the Car

Even though this point is generally overlooked, when you want to bring down the cost of a loan, it would be great if you start with negotiating the price of the car. Dealers do keep a sizable margin set aside on every car sale and when you will negotiate, you may end up gaining a good amount of discount. Go ahead and negotiate with several car dealers for the car you want. This way you get the chance to checkout on the discounts as well as various offers listed. At the end, if the total cost of the car comes down, the overall loan amount would drop too.

Search Everywhere to Get the Best Rate

Just as you do for your car, search around everywhere to bag the best possible loan. Generally, a car buyer will select the loan which is offered to him or her from the end of the bank which the car dealer has tied up with. Dealers, as seen, most often deject buyers from seeking loan from other places. Also, if noticed, the car loans that are offered from the end of a car dealer are not the best ones available in the market. Go ahead and talk to several lenders and there is a probable chance that you may grab hold of a loan which is more lucrative and profitable, from the customers point of view.

Keep Track and Check Your Credit Reports

Before you even ponder over getting a finance, make sure that you go through your credit reports. There may be many discrepancies in your credit report which may end up tarnishing your credit profile. Due to this, the bank may end up quoting a higher rate of interest. This is why make sure that you do get in touch with the rating agency as soon as you can, in case you feel your credit report could cause a hindrance in your car loan process.

Select a Loan Tenure Which Is Short and That You Can Afford It

There is no need to make the tenure of your loan gratuitously long. A car loan is no way a productive debt. This is why, try to repay it as soon as you can. Try not to run after a very expensive car as in this process you will have to pay the loan for a longer tenure.

Striking Right Balance between Cheapest and the Best in Car Insurance

It is an age-old feud between money and value whenever we make a purchase decision. Though our pockets demand priority, we also want a product which is the best. Perhaps this is the reason why we throng malls in the sale season – to get the worthiest (read: branded) products at the cheapest possible price. Whether it is our apparels, gadgets, appliances or our daily grocery, we always compare the value, features and brand of the product and if the product is the best in its category, we do not mind splurging a bit more in terms of price. But what happens when we set out to buy a car insurance plan for ourselves? All the plan’s features and benefits are given a miss and only the asking price (premium) is considered. Isn’t it true?

A car insurance policy is usually considered an unavoidable expense and so the policy with the cheapest premium is usually bought. Though the premium rates are an important consideration, does it mean that we should ignore the plan features and settle only on the premium factor?

Value over Price

Exploring the car insurance policy’s features and the coverage option is important. The following arguments dictate that the coverage features of your car insurance policy need your attention.

  • The coverage type – if price had been the only consideration wouldn’t we have settled only on the mandatory third party liability policy? The premium is the cheapest that it can get. But is the coverage sufficient? What about damages incurred to your own car or, worse, to you? We all seek a comprehensive coverage option because it also covers damages faced by the car itself and the owner. A comprehensive policy is dearer than a third party plan but still finds many takers. Aren’t we valuing the coverage here instead of the premium?
  • Add-ons – riders are additional coverage benefits which can be added to the base policy for a more comprehensive protection of our car. Add-ons increase the premium rate though only marginally. However, one cannot ignore the substantial coverage enhancement they offer. For instance, the engine protector rider is a blessing in monsoons when water-logging might damage the car’s engine and sabotage the claim. Doesn’t a rider’s value outweigh the price factor?

Price does matter

Despite the value-enhancement, price does matter. Since the cover is mandatory, premium affordability needs to be checked. Prioritizing price over value is not entirely worse either. It is, after all, our hard-earned money that we are talking about and splurging it on unnecessary value-additions is never recommended. So, how does one achieve a balance between the right values and the right price? This is a conflict which can be solved by the following two factors:

  • Suitability – the coverage of a car insurance policy should be chosen only after assessing its suitability to your requirements. There are many car insurance riders available and though each one has its own coverage benefit, a rider should be selected based on its applicability to your requirements. For instance, the roadside assistance rider helps in case of a car breakdown but would be useless if the policy already provides such assistance in its coverage features. Similarly, the zero depreciation rider is not applicable if your car is quite old and you are looking to invest in a new vehicle. So, you should study your car’s coverage features and ensure a coverage which is apt for your needs and you would be able to strike a balance between the coverage and its price.
  • Car insurance comparison – the perfect solution to achieve the perfect balance between the price and value is to compare between the different available car insurance plans. Only a car insurance comparison.can help you in analyzing every plan’s coverage feature against its premium. So, before you invest in a plan take time out to compare and research the different car insurance plans.

Though the debate between the best and the cheapest car insurance policy is constant, you can achieve a balance between the plan’s value and price. By assessing your insurance needs and then comparing between the plans catering to your needs, you would be able to afford a policy which has the right price and provides the best coverage.

Five Misconceptions about the Best Deals for Extended Warranty Insurance

Australian citizens are technically and lawfully well-protected under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) when it comes to purchasing vastly expensive things like cars. Unfortunately, many salespeople are not well-versed with the ACL and ACCC, in some cases deliberately ignoring or twisting their legislature in order to exploit consumers. Getting an Allianz comprehensive car insurance quote will ensure that you get the straight facts, strictly in accordance with the ACL and ACCC’s bodies. However, it is important to know the truth yourself, so here are five of the biggest errors people make when searching for the best extended warranty deals.

  1. Being asked to sign documents for ‘third parties’

This is a common tactic – which many companies utilize in order to pry themselves out of responsibility – should a car break down or malfunction. Many consumers, when purchasing a car, will be requested to sign forms pertaining to insurance policies involving companies other than the core dealership and actual car manufacturer. This sneaky tactic forces consumers to pay extra funds in the case of an insurance claim to these extra parties, which one is contractually obliged to do so due to a few unfortunate signatures. Consumers should only sign extended warranty insurance forms from the dealership and the car manufacturer. Getting an Allianz comprehensive car insurance quote will provide all of the necessary information required, hassle free, providing the best deal extended warranty.

  1. You are still protected by the ACCC even if you do not sign up for an extended warranty

This is something that many people surprisingly do not now, and many consumers are intimidated and defeated by aggressive companies turning them and their issues away due to not having signed up for an extended warranty, which is a complete fallacy. Then there is also the excuse of a time limit on a now expired warranty. None of these nullify your Consumer Guarantees, and the ACL will consider how much was paid for the car, estimated breakdown and failure occurrences, claims stated within advertising and environmental conditions in which a vehicle should correctly operate in. A company’s extended warranty is an addition to an ironbound set of laws, not a legal authority.

  1. Having the ACCC service my car will void my warranty

You are in no way obliged to have your car serviced at the dealership of purchase, and a failure to do so in no way jeopardizes your warranty, any statutory warranty confined to a state or territory and any of your rights to do with Consumer Guarantees.

  1. The ACCC is a viable option for repairs

Should you encounter defects in a car covered by an extended warranty, sending it into the ACCC for repairs is often a viable option for dealerships, the ACCC then doing the work on behalf of the dealership. This is, however, ultimately the manufacturer’s decision. In any case, consumers need to know that their dealership is not the only option.

  1. Dealerships will often enable a warranty on top of the manufacturer’s

In many cases, a dealership will activate a warranty on top of the initial manufacturer’s service plan. Whilst people will generally be made aware of this second stipulation, many will be oblivious of some of the more subtle fine print, which will often lead to one paying out extra for regulations they weren’t even properly made aware of. Whilst dealerships are usually being lawful with this second act, there is often ambiguity loaded in such paperwork.

Insurance Is a Must for Sports Car As They Are Highly Risk Prone

A sport car is a luxurious car which is normally used for racing purposes all over the world. It is basically a small, two seater two door vehicle used for spirited performances like racing and nimble handling.

It is having a very special kind of seating arrangements and the car engine is designed in an advanced manner in order to maintain an excellent speed. Sometimes these cars are also used for marketing and promotional purposes. Insurance coverage is highly required for these cars since they move with such an extreme speed that chances of accidents are always there.

Insurance coverage is necessary for sports car

Insurance coverage is always necessary for the protection of the sports car in case of any damages relating to accidents, theft or fire. The law has enforced the rule of the sports car Insurance nowadays everywhere across the globe because riding in sports car is highly risky. Sports car Insurance is basically a legal contract between the Motor Insurance Company and the sports car owner where the company agrees to compensate any losses caused due to accidents, theft or fire.
Expensiveness of the insurance premiums of the sports car

There are various reasons which are responsible for the increase of the Insurance premiums for the sports car .sports car are very expensive in case they are stolen or they need any repair or any kind of maintenance. There are very few repairing shops for sports car where their parts are available. Moreover the vehicle parts are also very expensive. The risk of driving a sports car is very high.

Since the car has high speeds they are prone to any kinds of fatal accidents at any point of time because these vehicles are mostly driven by the extrovert personalities at high risk. These are more prone to crashes and the consequences are quite severe. These vehicles are highly damaged by the vandals who are basically jealous of the car owner. Most of the car Insurance companies do not have the flexible products for these cars. So these are the primary reasons for the increase of the Insurance premiums for these cars.
How to claim sports car compensation

Car Insurance companies are very strict about the payment of the compensation of the claims in case any sports car faces any accident because they do not entertain fake claims at all they only compensates for genuine claims. That means if the sports car driver intentionally make any harm to his car through intentional accidents then he will never be eligible for getting any compensation from the Insurance companies.

In order to find out the genuinity of the incident the Insurance companies conduct thorough investigations regarding the same. If the investigation says that the accident is genuine then only they will get the claim for their damages. In case accident has occurred due to the rough driving of the driver in a drunken condition then also he will not be eligible for any claim at times.

So, all the sports car owners are suggested to take the required Insurance coverage for their sports car in order to meet the necessities in times of need. But you should read the rules and regulations for the claims very carefully while applying for it.

Vehicle Owners Look for Good Vehicle Insurance Deals to Pay for Speed Rides Damage!

Insurance policies protect against sudden damages which might be due to accidents, mishandling and no repair since long issues. Vehicle insurance covers both two and four wheelers. It offers full financial support for any physical damage to the vehicle. Be it cars, motorbikes, trucks or the bus. However, the condition and other factors are thoroughly examined before settling the loan contract. Other factors include things like if the loan has been taken to buy the vehicle has it been re-paid back or not. This is because the vehicle insurances are not available for those whose loans are still not repaid.


The insurance policy varies from country to country. The value, organization offering insurance and reason highly varies. The differences in the amount for different reasons like bodily damage, or financial/fortune loss etc. are evaluated on the basis of the rules of that country. Many a times, good car insurance association provides the owner with recreational facilities like club memberships, free driving lessons etc. Also some added features like pollution check etc. are added responsibilities that the car insurance company reminds the owners to make them responsible citizens.
What all it covers?

Other than finances incurred due to traffic collisions, it also offers protection against theft of the vehicle. 24 into 7 damage repair service anywhere in the city are also offered. This covers up for tire punctures, brake failure, oil change and what not in the middle of roads. Along with that the owner gets roadside assistance and a road map to help them find out their destinations, a big help for the youngsters and new drivers.

Also fire caused due to explosion, self ignition, lightning is thoroughly covered under most policies. Destruction of windshields, window panes etc. due to riots, strikes or the act of terrorism is also taken care of. Liabilities to third parties arising out of life loss and personal accident cover to the driver falls under the vehicle insurance policy.
Bonus and fines under insurance policy

Bonus calculated by the car insurance agency can be withdrawn only after stipulating time periods and not every year. Also the insurer charges a premium for all the facilities it provides. In case if payments are not made the insurer can cancel the policy or charge a heavy fine. Thus, if one wants to enjoy facilities he should also be a responsible citizen!
What all is not covered??

Losses incurred after the validity of the policy is over, depreciation, gradual wear and tear of the various parts of the vehicle are not covered under vehicle insurance. Also if traffic rules are broken and the vehicle gets towed no help can be expected against the insurance policy! For example if the vehicle was being driven by someone without driving license or driving after intoxication due to drugs and alcohol etc. no benefits can be claimed. Some technical stuffs are also not covered which might be of utmost importance. Engine damage due to oil leakage or spill is also not covered under most policies.

Insurance for Inexperienced Drivers

If you’ve just passed your driving test, it can be difficult to find a reasonable quote for your insurance; this can particularly be the case if you’re a young male driver, as well as if you suffer any early accidents when you get on the road. Many drivers end up being unfairly penalised as the result of the average premium rates for their insurance group, and don’t have the time to prove themselves, or to build up no claims bonuses. With this in mind, what are some of the insurance options available for inexperienced drivers?


Insurance companies operate on a risk management basis, and inexperienced drivers do, unfortunately, raise red flags when it comes to quoting premiums. While policies shouldn’t discriminate, it can be much harder to get insurance without having to accept a high premium if you are inexperienced. Some ways in which you can try to improve your case for a good quote include taking advanced driving tests soon after your initial test, and before you sign up for insurance.

Other options that you might want to try to improve your insurance include entering into multi car insurance policies that can cover everyone in a family, or within a household; you may also be able to lower your own premium by adding an experienced driver, which could be a parent, to your policy. Going for a safe, fuel efficient car that’s in a low insurance group can similarly improve your case for lower premiums, as can investing in extra security devices for your vehicle, which will show a commitment to reducing accidents

Inexperienced drivers should also consider the benefits of telematics, or pay as you go insurance; this has recently emerged as a sound option for young and inexperienced drivers, and can help to lower average premiums. Telematics insurance involves fitting a ‘black box’ recorder to your car that notes your driving habits, average speeds, the time of day or not you drive, and other data that can be uploaded to an insurance provider.

The benefits of telematics insurance include being able to produce a more accurate record of your driving, which can help to justify your case for being a responsible driver. Moreover, if you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can supply clear evidence to make this claim, rather than relying on witnesses. A telematics device can similarly help to track your car by GPS if it gets stolen.

Several different options are consequently available to inexperienced drivers if they want to try to improve their insurance payments. As well as sticking to good habits when it comes to buying the right car, multi driver policies and telematics insurance can be a good idea if you want to demonstrate your responsibility on the road. The end result: lower premiums, and a greater ability to find better deals in the future with a strong insurance record

How to Find a Great Deal on Car Insurance

Every driver wants to find a great deal on their car insurance, whether that means having a lower premium or being able to benefit from more specific insurance policies. To find the best deals on your car insurance, it’s worth comparing the market as much as possible, while taking the time to work out the details of a policy to avoid paying anything more than you need to. At the same time, it’s important to improve your eligibility for a lower insurance premium by investing in security features for your car, and to break down your policy to see whether it’s cheaper to divide different policies.


Comparing the Market

It’s now possible to take advantage of a wide range of different insurance policies online, with comparison sites enabling you to get quotes for your specific needs. You can also search online to find deals on tailored car insurance from brands like Direct Asia Thailand; going for a specialist insurer is particularly recommended if your current provider won’t provide cover for items like kit cars, or reasonable premiums for young drivers.

Getting the Details Right

Always go over a policy in depth before agreeing to a new insurance deal; understand what your excesses are, and see whether a voluntary excess can save you significant amounts of money. Similarly, check to see whether an insurance company has a fair no claims bonus scheme, and if they offer extra protection to prevent you from losing it for minor accidents. Asking about the impact on your premium of adding drivers to your policy can also help you to decide whether you’re getting the best deal.

Being Pro-Active with Safety

Be prepared and pro-active when it comes to negotiating a reduction in your annual premiums by making a commitment to safety for your car; this can be as simple as parking your car overnight in a garage, or having a new immobiliser fitted to reduce the risk of theft and damage. Agreeing to install a telematics device to record your driving habits can also show an insurer that you’re willing to prove that you’re a good driver, and eligible for a low rate on your premium.

Packaged Cover

It’s worth investigating whether you’d be better off getting a comprehensive insurance policy from one company, or whether you’d be better off taking out different forms of cover with different people; the dealership that sold you yourcar, for example, might have breakdown cover included as part of a servicing agreement, and can mean that you can remove some expensive items from your standard policy with another provider.

Getting a good deal on your insurance means not being complacent about the policies that you take out; be ruthless in terms of comparing the market, and always go through a policy as carefully as you can before signing up to one. Similarly, check to see what the contact methods are for your insurance company, and whether they have good feedback online for how they resolving problems and offering discounts for customer loyalty over time.

Finding the Right Car Insurance

Have you ever thought how important having an insurance? In the lives of so many unexpected events and feelings of fear continues to haunt. This thought often crossed when we think of the husband, wife, child or parent. Not only that, but also when we think about a fire that could threaten homes, when we drive a car accident, and imagine how many losses that we will receive. Maybe you already have health and life insurance, home or other objects. But you realize when you’re driving and you have not crossed that car insured. Before you decide to look for an insurance policy would be better if we know the meaning of the insurance. Insurance is the existence of an agreement between both parties that the insured and the insurer to provide a premium as compensation for any loss, damage due to unexpected events. Now if you are thinking of looking for the right car insurance and of course according to your ability.


You have to decide the right car insurance that can provide good benefits. Not only that, but also be in accordance with your ability to pay dues. And various purposes have made you choose and consider cheap car insurance but it can give you peace of mind guarantee. With all these considerations you can look for auto insurance quotes. Here are some tips that you can use before deciding on auto insurance:

You do not be careless with low payments allowed to set premiums. Because the competition is a lot of insurance companies are pursuing a strategy to slam the price by offering a very low premium rates, but they may not be able to guarantee for your insurance.
Before you make choices, take a look at the insurance package offered. Is the scope of cover includes many factors and can be customized with the client’s ability.
Do not forget to check the insurance company’s network. An example is how much the insurance has a branch office, how many and how his ministry workshop partners. This is helpful if you make claim not take a long time to wait for a vehicle repair or report the loss of your vehicle.
You should check with ease and facilities provided by the insurance company. Are facilities provided in accordance with your wishes and added value provided by the company? For example, are there tow truck facilities, replacement car if you’re troubled streets, hotline services, mechanic services that could come to the location and other facilities? And you also have to check the ease to ask quickly when there is a change.