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Ephemeral Home: How You Can Effortlessly Find Your Temporary Home in Singapore

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Singapore is attracting a huge amount of tourists with its thrilling tourist spots such as Marina Bay Sands, the Orchard Road, and Singapore Zoo. But some just want to peek at its beauty and don’t want to stay in Singapore for long. This is why a lot of apartments are offering very budget friendly rate and comfortable shelter; some of them are even so stylish. However, finding them is really tricky and sometimes it can be really time consuming to do hotel hunting. These are few suggestions to make your holiday or vacation stress free.


Like most applications today, HomeAway lets you travel and tour without the hassle. You can easily contact your host, secure your payment through protected online payment schemes, and pick among hundreds of choices that they offer. HomeAway attempts to convince tourists that renting a hotel room isn’t as convenient as renting an apartment that feels just like home. You basically can enjoy touring while feeling like you’re a local. They’re currently available to be downloaded at App Store and Google Play.


Airbnb allows you to find homes that fit your budget and preference. They also allow to set your preferences and search within your standard. Their offers vary from renting just one room to renting an entire loft for your temporary stay. You can even co book tours if you’re not so fond of planning yourself. Everything is already arranged by your hosts. It’s all so quick in easy with their apps also downloadable in App Store and Google Play.

Trip Advisor

Travelling alone or with your family? Trip advisor lets you rent an apartment with six huge rooms or a Presidential SkyVilla. If you happen to pick this one among everything else, you even get a perk of also finding activities, restaurants, and flights at low cost while using their app. They even have deals that you can book which already have itinerary for you.


Hometogo claims to be the largest search engines for temporary homes across the globe. It is currently partnered with large providers and even local hosts. They say that you need to describe what you are trying to find and they will search in over two hundred fifty websites to compare the best offers. They even have convenient classifications such as Big City Vacations, Outdoor Getaways, and Tropical Escape, so it can be easy to find the hotel that best fits the vibe you want in your vacation.


Roomoroma capitalizes on short term rentals and accommodation and stylish stay. Their partners are situated in major cities across the globe that makes sightseeing, shopping and touring so much easier. They also promise that their partners are trustworthy and have gone through rigorous verification for you. Travellers can find instant homes in one click on their app.

Going to Singapore for a quick vacation? Try these apps for a hassle free hotel hunting and easy booking. This material is prepared by Visa Express

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