How Financial Advisers Are Leveraging From Online Digital Investment Solutions In The Market

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Financial markets are mostly characterized by a broad spectrum of products and asymmetric information leading to uninformative financial decisions. There are far too many products and each of these is best suited to cater to specific needs. Presence of too many players with the incessant up and down swings in the financial markets increases the volatility and thereby the risk of the return from your client’s investments. Financial Advice is always the best option people choose along with reading the market, before plunging into decision that could result in negative consequences. This in turn is a huge challenge for financial advisers – to provide reliable and accurate predictions as well as at competitive prices.

How Financial Advisers Can Benefit from These Solutions?

Financial advisers provide their clients with important information about financial products and comparison reports, guiding them to make the best investment choice. However, the traditional advisory system is under attack by the highly cognitive computers today, which effectively takes over the task of portfolio allocation and assessment of risk to financial planning and so on. To fend off these threats and get empowered with the latest technology financial advisers have resorted to digital technology. An independent financial advice Sydney service will definitely meet all financial requirements allowing them to gain the advantage of accessing all information from anywhere, anytime, on literally any device. Thereby, it defeats the chances of making uninformed decisions.

There are different schools of thoughts acting both in favour and against the traditional way of providing financial advice. But these Robo advisers and other do-it-yourself solutions can be well integrated with financial advisers to add in a personal touch. Here we discuss four critical tools that are much needed to change the interface between a client and an advisor.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a much needed change in the client – adviser interface to facilitate as well as enrich client meeting experiences. This as of now is the leading technology supporting financial advisers. Solution providers equip the advisers with SaaS based mobile apps to tap into the use of cool modular and customizable features.

Biometric authentication platforms through mobile technology, such as Apple Touch ID, are major efforts transforming the transaction in the financial markets.

Video Conferencing Applications

Video conferencing tools are amalgamated with these solutions in the mobile interfaces for incessant online support. These allow the sophisticated flow of communication without a personal presence through sharing screens, exchanging messages and recording the meetings.

Analytical Tools

Integrated within these solutions are analytical tools. These help gain better and deeper insights by churning massive chunks of data and translating the findings into client comprehensible language reports. Besides, these solutions add a whole platform of educational resources, which include a gamut of videos, online seminars and so on. It is to train as well as present to clients’ summarized findings through a presentation by passing the traditional route of report generation.

Integration with social media

Integrating social media opens a vast opportunity for advisers to connect to their clients. Being aware about the client’s mainstream activities, such solutions increase the scope of sales and marketing taking it to the next level.

The investment and wealth management landscape is changing gears. And for taking advantage of the latest technological innovation, financial advisers are on the run for seeking vendors providing a competitive suite of software solutions. It is a crucial decision and an investment that could boost your business.


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