Janitorial Insurance

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Janitorial services and cleaning services can involve anything from house cleaning to office building maintenance, and like many other types of services, requires specific insurance coverage in order to protect a janitorial small business from the eventuality than an accident will occur in the course of a job. It happens to everyone – we are all human, and even if we are very careful, we are bound to make mistakes sometimes. When these mistakes are made within a small business, however, they can be very dangerous for the overall health of the company.

Even janitorial services require basic small business coverage as well as more specified coverage, such as Bolt Insurance’s janitorial insurance policy. Running a small business is difficult enough without having to worry about every single possible accident that can occur, and there are plenty of financial concerns associated with owning a business that have nothing whatsoever to do with insurance and the possibility of accidents. For many small businesses, one minor accident can be the difference between operating one day and shutting down the next.

Janitorial small businesses are no exception to this rule. Whether you run a business that cleans residential homes or maintains the cleanliness of an office building on the weekend, you certainly don’t have time to be thinking too much about the possibility of a mistake or accident. A good janitorial insurance policy can help alleviate some of the anxiety associated with running a small business.

Most businesses face common dangers, such as employees stealing equipment or injuring themselves on the job, but janitorial services in particular can face other accidents. For example, while one of your employees was cleaning the windows in an office or home, they accidentally shattered it, and now your company is faced with replacing it. Or maybe an employee damaged something in a client’s home, like a piece of furniture. Perhaps they got bleach spots on the carpet while cleaning something else with bleach cleaner. Any one of these things can be just the disaster to upend your business and ruin your profit.

Customers may be allergic to the cleaning materials you used, and perhaps they had to go to the emergency room due to having a reaction. Your company could be sued for this, or for when the customer slips on a wet floor soon after it was mopped and breaks a leg. Now, your company is saddled with the medical bills. How can you possibly plan for something like that?

That’s why janitorial insurance for your business is so important – no one can plan for every possibility, so having coverage allows you to think about the other things that matter to your business, instead of just worrying about what could go wrong. For all businesses, there will be rough patches and high patches. Making sure that your company survives through the rough patches is what separates a successful entrepreneur from an unsuccessful one. Janitorial insurance lets you focus on your business in order to help it grow, while providing a safety net in case something goes wrong.

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