Heather Weber Explains why women must always take charge of their finances

Conventionally women have always trusted men with their financial matters as they themselves do not really like dealing with the money matters. However, now that women are able to take charge of every aspect of their life, they also need to start taking charge of their finances.

For most women saving for the future is usually limited to saving up the little extras in the nooks and corners of their dresser or kitchen and using the same to buy something precious and pricey for their children, spouse or home. However, it’s time that this mind set changes and women start exploring the other financial aspects that include shares, IPOs, fixed and recurring deposits and more.

Heather Weber who is a certified financial advisor extensively works with women to educate them on the needs of saving up for their future. So, here’s a list of specific reasons why financial advisors like Heather state that women must take charge of their finances.

  • To ensure that no-one is depriving you of your rights: When you take charge of your finances, you know exactly what to spend and what to save. As a responsible adult you will surely never go beyond your limits and spend till you are broke. Similarly, when you are aware of your finances you can be rest assured that you are not being deprived of a good life style just because someone is feigning to be broke or saving up for the future.
  • To be able to get due medical attention: If as a woman you are saving up right, you will surely have enough to meet your medical expenses. You will never really have to depend on others to get the required treatment for any disease that may affect you.
  • To be able to enjoy the little pleasures of life: If you do not know the status of your bank accounts you will never be able to plan for future and indulge in the little pleasures of life. You must be aware of the disposable income and the bank balance to be able to promise your child an expensive gift or plan a road trip or beach holiday with your girlfriends.
  • To be able to enjoy a carefree retired life: As Heather Weber also emphasises, women must always do retirement planning well in advance so that they can lead a carefree and secured life even if they do not have any source of income or a spouse to support at that age. Ms. Weber specializes in retirement planning and actively involves in educating women about the importance of retirement planning.

So, as a woman capable of bringing about major changes in the society around, it is important that you secure your own future first. Ms. Weber, who is a certified financial advisor as well as fitness coach has major contributions in bringing about a change in the mind set of women about handling financial matters and future savings. Ms. Weber can also be consulted for complete help around retirement planning and related financial services.

Financial Planners are Not Just for Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is not the only reason people need a financial planner. In fact, these professionals also help individuals while they are young, so they can improve their financial status and have a better life today as well as in the future.

Through advice about investments, real estate, life insurance policies, and much more, they can help personalise a plan just for you. Although life has no guarantees, if you follow their advice you are likely to retire comfortably and without financial worries. In fact, this is the number one goal of a financial planner, and they work hard to achieve that goal, so you can be comfortable both financially and otherwise.

Assistance for People of Any Age

If you are middle aged, it still behooves you to consult with a financial planner, because it is never too late to start saving and spending more wisely. If your place of employment offers a retirement plan, this is a great start. However, you need to understand the basics of your company’s plan, and you should also make plans regarding your home, insurance policies, and everything else related to your finances. Financial planners realise that each individual is a unique human being with a distinct set of goals and desires for the future, so they offer a custom-made retirement plan for each person.

Certified financial planners in Melbourne can also help you stay focused on your goals by meeting with you regularly to make sure you are following their advice and making the most sound financial decisions available. Investments usually include several vehicles, stocks and bonds, investment funds such as mutual funds, accounts through banks and credit unions, annuities, insurance, or security and commodity futures. Your financial planner’s strategy for you will likely take most or all these tools into consideration and, depending on your ultimate financial goals, will ensure that each tool does a better job of helping you reach those goals.

Starting Early is Your Smartest Option

 The best way to plan for your future is to start saving while you are young, because you have plenty of time to take the necessary steps toward accomplishing your other goals. Financial planners who do not have a commitment with a certain investment vehicle do the best job at helping you financially, because they are more objective. Therefore, they will not steer you toward a particular vehicle that is probably not the right choice for you.

Regardless of when you start your savings and despite what your ultimate goal is, financial planners help you determine your current net worth, make plans for the future, and even improve your credit score. As a result, when the time finally comes for you to stop working, you will be ready. Without a financial planner, planning for the future can be confusing, so working with one of these experts is always a better alternative. Their knowledge and experience will save you both time and money in the end.

How to Borrow Money with Bad Credit

An emergency such as your car breaking down or your pet being hurt can hurt your pocketbook, especially if you’re between paycheques and your bank balance is low. Fortunately, you may be able to borrow the cash you need to ensure that the bills are paid until your next payday. There are several types of personal loans that you may be able to qualify for, including those listed below.

Secured and Unsecured Loans

Personal loans can either be unsecured, which don’t require any collateral when borrowing money, or secured loans, which do require collateral. Unsecured loans, also known as signature loans, are often used for small purchases or to take care of sudden unforeseen expenses such as a car needing repairs. When money is borrowed with a signature loan, the interest rate is usually higher, the repayment terms are shorter, and the money usually is borrowed from an independent lending institution.

Types of Unsecured Loans

The type of signature loan for which you’re qualified will depend on your credit rating. People with good credit can borrow money without using collateral and they may be eligible for short-term instalment loans in which they have 12 months to five years to repay the loan. These include:

  • Automobile loans
  • Student loans
  • Revolving credit, such as credit cards

Types of Secured Loans

A secured loan is backed by collateral such as your house if you take out a second mortgage or a vehicle, or can be a co-signed loan in which a family member or friend would repay the loan if you don’t make the repayments.

Bad Credit Loans

If you’ve made some mistakes with your finances, you may have bad credit, but you still may be able to borrow money when you need it. Some of the bad credit loans you may qualify for include:

Payday Loans: This type of signature loan, or Wonga as some are called, will allow you to borrow a smaller amount of cash and pay it back when you get your next paycheque. These loans usually have very high interest rates and a personal cheque is usually given to the lender to deposit if you do not repay the loan with cash. Some payday loans from direct lenders may have more generous terms. In a Wonga v Cashfloat comparison, the direct lender, which is Cashfloat, offers early repayments, grace periods for late or missed payments, and an interest cap. These are features that most other payday loan companies do not have.

Logbook Loans: Another way to get needed cash when your credit is questionable is through a logbook loan. Your credit is usually not run when you take out this type of loan but your car, van, or motorbike can be repossessed if you miss payments or default on the loan, so it is a type of secured loan.

There are other types of bad credit loans such as a co-signer loan, which is a payday loan except with a co-signer. The type of loan that you qualify for will depend on your credit and the amount of money you need.

Security Guarding Services- Certain Things to Look In

With every passing day, the world is becoming even more dangerous place for the people. The number of global cases of crime and terrorism are soaring, and now they have virtually gone through the roof. Safety is something that is indispensable to everyone. People want to be safeguarded from the potential threat of robbery, vandalism, or in personal. Thus, it is crucial for everyone to take absolute measures to elevate the safety of their accommodation and workplace. And, one of the best ways to enhance your safety is to seek the services of security guarding companies.

However, before contacting any professional company for such services, it is important to mull over certain facets.

4 things to consider when hiring a security company

  1.    Government clearance

Usually, before a safety company is authorized to roll out its security services, there are a number of legal requirements they have to meet in order to get an official license. The requirements and the standards are set by government agencies. Therefore, before contracting any security guarding firm, it is fundamental that you verify that their documents are in order.

  1.    An experienced security guarding company

A security guarding agency that has been in the security business for quite some time should be preferred in comparison a newbie firm. Since, such a firm will probably have experienced and trustworthy guards, those who have worked for various clients in the past. Additionally, professional security guarding companies have guards, those who are trained to handle and manage many peculiar conditions.

Furthermore, an established security firm would have better, upgraded gadgets since they have the infrastructure and cash flow to purchase up to date equipment. A thorough background check on the credentials of the security company must be done before hiring them.

  1.    Contact your friends and relative

It is always better to seek the opinion of your friends or relatives, those who recently used security services, as they would be helpful to you when making a choice.  A reputed security firm would have a lot of praise from its previous clients who have dealt it. Furthermore, you can also check out the performance of your potential security guarding company scoreboard “reviews” on the internet before contacting them.

  1. Visit their office

Once you have single out a particular security guarding company to be in charge of your security details, it is always great to pay a personal visit to their registered office. This is will help you to get a better understand about their infrastructure and the ability they posse. And, in case, you are to be assigned a security guard, you should meet him or her in personal. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to find if they have the right set of equipment to do the job and is the company following the government safety standards.

Final words of advice,

Ideal security guarding companies should mark their service costs reasonably. It is crucial to get into an agreement with a company that you can afford to pay comfortably. You should compare pricing of different firms before you settle on one.

Why You Should Hire the Professionals to Source Capital for Your New Business

It’s never been easy to ensure a new business becomes successful, and it’s no easier now with the huge number of entrepreneurs competing with each other all over the world. Indeed, most businesses fail within their first year of operation, but that’s often simply down to a lack of funding. Unfortunately, many start-ups fail to obtain the funds the need to invest in the success of their business, though there are many ways to get capital that you might be aware of. That’s why there are a number of companies that can help obtain a business grant for you.

Business grants in the UK are available for a large number of organisations, but it’s not always easy to find the best channel of funding on your own as a new business owner. Let’s face it, you have a mountain of responsibilities resting on your shoulders, and when you’re busy setting up shop and trying to persuade customers to walk through your doors, you might not have the time to compare hundreds of companies for funding. However, if you find the right company to source your grant for you, you can feel confident you’ll receive a good deal.

How the Professionals Can Help You

Every new business requires investment to get off the ground, but it can be difficult to persuade the banks to give you the money you need. Companies that source grants on your behalf can help in the following ways:

  • They can compare hundreds of lenders – As aforementioned, many new business owners are simply unaware of how many sources of funding there are. When you’re setting up your business, you have employees to hire, products to source and a new company to market, so you might want to let those with experience find the best source of funding for your new business.
  • They simplify the application process – Can you imagine how much time it would take to fill out hundreds of different application forms in order to compare the lenders available? Plus, you never really know which applications will be rejected and which ones will be accepted. If you apply for a business grant through an agency that can compare the market, you’ll only need to fill out one simple application form to find out what’s available.
  • They care about your business – The very best companies that source funding generally care about the success of your business. They understand that every business, no matter how large or small, needs investment to get off the ground, and their reputation depends on how well they can find sources of funding that your business needs.

You’re Not Alone

Starting a new business can be a stressful endeavour, but you don’t need to handle every task by yourself when help is available. Don’t let a lack of investment be the reason for your business’s failure when there are so many ways to get the funding you need. As long as you place your trust in the professionals, you can find funding without the hassle of manually searching through hundreds of different lenders.

A Brief Guide for Setting Up an Offshore Company

Offshore companies are commonly set up by private businessmen, as well as other corporations all over the globe. The tax laws in different countries generally vary. Some countries have very strict laws about the amount of tax charged from employees. Others are quite relaxed on taxing businesses and charge a very low fee. Vanuatu, also known as the Republic of Vanuatu, is a small island located in the Pacific. It’s a popular tourist attraction, and over the past few years, has also become a major destination for different companies looking to set up an offshore company.

Offshore companies offer plenty of benefits. They provide asset protection to businesses, offer protection against useless litigation, and also ensure anonymity and financial privacy for businesses. The biggest benefit of setting up an offshore company though, is the difference in tax rates. In some places, the tax rates are quite high, which means that business profitability is affected. However, places such as Vanuatu, offer plenty of benefits to businesses as they have very low taxation rates. If you want to set up an offshore company in Vanuatu, here are some key things that you should keep in mind.

Contract a Chartered Accountancy Firm

There are plenty of local chartered accountancy firms in Vanuatu that can help you with forming an offshore company. Since the laws are different in other countries, it’s important that you hire a local firm that specialises in the formation of offshore companies in Vanuatu. When you contract a chartered accountancy firm, they will first ask you a series of questions and request information about your business activities. Depending upon the nature of your business, and the reason for setting up an offshore company, the chartered accountants will create a feasibility report for your company.

Forming an Offshore Company in Vanuatu

Vanuatu has become a very important investment centre in the world. Due to its strategic location, the time zone overlaps with Hong Kong as well as New York. Apart from that, you get serious taxation benefits. Many common taxes, such as the capital gains tax, the income tax, as well as the withholding tax, are utterly eliminated in the republic. As a result, it’s easy to see why Vanuatu is such a popular choice for corporations that want to establish an offshore company.

The firm of chartered accountants will then guide you with setting up a registered address, establishing the company’s memorandum of association, and also submitting any relevant documents that are required by the government before your company receives the certificate of commencement of business. While they may charge a small commission for their services, the company will make it extremely easy for you to set up an offshore company. All financial issues and applications that need to be filed with the company registrar will be sorted by the firm of chartered accountants. The advantages of setting up an offshore company in Vanuatu are clearly quite high, thus making it a very attractive destination!

Get the tips to find best money lenders at ease

Everyone likes to get the luxurious life. But, not all the people are getting this at easy times. People are trying a lot to save their earning but most times it is not happening. Money plays an ultimate role in today’s life. There is a proverb also money makes many things which helps to remember the importance of money. People without money, has no value. We are not capable of having money whenever we need. To fulfill our urgent need many money lenders are operating. They enable us to satisfy our urgent need in quick time. Nowadays lending money is tough task, which requires more security document.

In order to help people in various needs money lenders are operating in different cities and also in different countries. They may person or group who typically offers small loans with higher interest rather than bank and other financial institution. Due to more risk involved they charge higher rate of interest. Sometimes they offers loan to unknown people. In some cases they have to registered and follow the law. In India, they governed by money lenders act of respective states. In order to fulfill temporary needs money lenders are helpful. We don’t know when the need and problem will arise, which is uncertain but we need some money to solve this. So we prefer money lenders. The nature of money lenders is to service people who are in urgent need for money. They are not an alternative for large business loans.

Benefits of money lenders

They analyze our credit need and provide money base on it. They provide money in quick time. Lending money is an easy task with the help of money lenders. Many money lenders licensed in order to charge appropriate interest, restriction on amount they can lend and fees they charge. Moreover the available Singapore lender is licensed by the registrar of money lender. They are customer friendly and flexible. They offer online credit facility in order to make easy payment. It is quiet tricky task, although they prefer customer with less known background. They provide loans on our day to day running of life. They clearly specify the terms before lending. They made Easy to approach them for urgent needs. They sometime grant loan against security of land, gold and other valuable material. Lower income groups prefer this type of service since they won’t prefer larger loans and high commitments. They operate in any time with flexible business hours. Due to increasing demand for money the role for money lenders are increasing. Money lenders are solely depends on their own money for lending purpose for the benefit of clients. Hit here loansingapore.sg/moneylender-review to get the best advice about getting loan from money lenders. It is necessary to follow some steps to catch reliable lenders.


Option Trading Success Tips

The options market is a place that many stock traders get involved in at some point. If you’re looking for a way to increase the number of securities that you have available to you, options trading can be very profitable.

However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a quick way to lose money. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to be successful trading options.

Search for Bargains

In the options market, it’s going to be rare to find options that look like obvious winners at first glance. If winners were that obvious, everyone would jump on them and the pricing would change. You’re going to have to have a bargain hunter mentality and look for the deals.

Finding a security that is just a little bit undervalued or a little overvalued is the key to success. While options are different than stocks, they still are based on the same underlying fundamentals.

This means that you have to search out the deals and hope to make a profit when the market catches up to the true value.

While the fundamentals of a security have to be there, that’s not all you have to look at when trading options. The main way that you’ll make money in options trading is by buying options that are under priced and selling over priced ones.

Options training brokers vary in how much they charge for specific options. If you can take advantage of something that is not priced correctly, you’ll win.

Sticking to a Plan

If you’re going to be successful in the options market, you must have a specific plan. The plan gauges how much you’re going to risk on each trade, when to enter and when to exit a position.

If you have no plan and simply trade off of instinct alone, you’re most likely going to lose money quickly.

It takes a specific plan of action that’s been thought out ahead of time. The market moves quickly and things can change fast. If you haven’t thought out every contingency ahead of time, there’s little chance that you’re going to be successful.

Relying on your brain to make decisions in the heat of the moment when potentially large amounts of money are on the line is not a recipe for success.

Success in sticking to your plan requires a great deal of self-discipline. Many people trade based on emotion and don’t stick to what they planned. For example, they have a plan in place and then when a trade starts to go bad, they start to trade based on fear.

They are afraid to lose any money on a trade and they make a bad decision. Removing the emotion and going with your trading plan is essential to success.

Win and Lose Small

Don’t bet the farm on a single option. Enter into the market small and exit small. You should not plan on getting rich from a single trade. At the same time, you should not risk your entire bank roll in a single option.

By winning and losing small, you’ll be able to use your trading plan to achieve success instead of trying to get lucky all at once.

Overall, options trading can be very profitable and rewarding if you do it right. Just make sure you stick to the basics and don’t change things up too often.

Why You Need Professional Estate Planning Services

When you hire an estate planner, you give yourself the protection you need after your passing. Many homeowners consider this type of expense too great and they often choose to do their own estate planning to save money. However, one mistake might cause you to lose something important, invalidate a will, or worse. Some people even assume estate planning is not necessary to them because they do not own “estates.” However, the simple truth is that anything and everything you bought for yourself and that you own is considered your estate. For this reason and more, you cannot fail to hire a professional the moment that you consider planning for your estate in the future.

Family Ties

If you choose to forego estate planning and pass on, you run the risk of leaving your family with debts and other expenses that might cause more stress than they deserve. In addition, you might make a serious mistake drafting a will on your own, which can lead to the same complication. One of the most important aspects of estate planning is to create a will or a trust. When you seek for professional advice on estate planning in Singapore, you get the legal help needed to handle even the most complex of problems.

By ignoring the problem and doing it on your own, you might improperly file a piece of paperwork, fail to meet some standard, or otherwise invalidate your will. An estate planner can help you express your exact wishes for your death and have these legally honoured after your passing. These professionals understand what should be done, how to do it, and when to file it to ensure that all is well. While they cannot stop an eligible person from contesting your will, they can ensure that they file it correctly and make it official.

Good Health

It may not seem as if you need to consider health in your estate, but an estate planning consultation with a professional may help you work out these details. There might be a time where you are unable to speak for yourself and make your health care decisions. For this reason, you need someone whom you can trust to take care of your affairs and life after you find yourself incapacitated. Consulting early should ensure that the person chosen can handle the pressure, and that you want to appoint this individual to have authority over medical decisions on your behalf. For these reasons alone, you stand to benefit from hiring a professional.

Avoid Higher Taxes

Not many people realise this, but if you do not meet with an attorney to discuss your estate planning needs, you can actually end up paying more taxes than necessary. Estate exemptions can exist for estate affairs. If you wish to give some of your money to a charity, for example, then your money has a chance to be exempted and therefore maximised. Therefore, you have a tax incentive to consider this option, even if you might need pay a cost-effective fee in the process. In the end, the small price of hiring a professional should quickly return itself completely.


How Can You Achieve Your Financial Goals with Expert Advice from Professionals

The first thing that must be cleared out while dealing with your finance is the difference between financial dream and financial goal. While both might sound the same, but in real sense it is different. Financial dream is just like any of your dream which you hope for, while your financial goal is something that you plan for. And it is the planning rather than hoping which will change it into a financial reality. You might get to know of this difference with expert advisors who have spent years into the business. Andrew Corbman works to make sure that his customers enjoy strong financial independence in the future when customary employment is no longer a feasible option. He clears out some of the issues that most of his clients face while determining the difference between financial goal and financial dream.

What does this Financial Goal look like?

The various features that a Financial Goal states are

  • your plan of accomplishment
  • determining the time to make the dreams into reality
  • the resources that you might need to make it happen
  • Planning the goals that might fit in the overall budget and life.

Keeping these factors in mind, how can you create your own goals? Answering to this Corbman says there is a methodical procedure to this as well.

  • Jot down your goals on pen and paper and think how you plan to achieve them. Differentiate them on terms of short term goals, midterm goals and long term goals depending on the time required to achieve the goals. This will help you estimate the time that might be required for you to be financially stable.
  • Costing is one big feature in earning the stability. So after you have estimated your time, it is time to estimate your budget. By doing this it becomes easier for your advisor to determine the correspondence plan that might work.
  • Now that you begin to do your work must have your deadline set. You cannot afford to keep on managing your finance for eternity. Then the entire business gets at halt. So fix a date within which you prefer having your plan set. Keep in mind the execution process is a time taking one and you cannot compromise with it.
  • For determining your goal, you must have some savings. So divide the cost of first set of plan, by the number of weeks that it might take. That will help you to determine the amount that you need to save per week to achieve the goal. Get this figure entered in the column of amount to save per week, and then carry on with the same process for all the rest of your plans.
  • Be realistic about accomplishing your goals, never set any goal that might end up frustrating you. Keep being motivated to visit the list at regular interval and check the work on progress.

Andrew Corbman says that, it might take some time of your own to have your dreams transferred into goals, but once it is being done you can be rest assured to have a definite plan set for your financial growth. And the chances of receiving the result are pretty high.