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Bocconi University, Milan

Professor Paola Dubini introducing the Italian Centre for Gender Cultures, in Milan

The perfect curriculum to learn how to survive in a male-dominated environment and how to build a career making “family-wise” choices


Traffic in Italy

The Italian Transport Industry on the Wrong Track

Many are the vulnerabilities of the Italian system of transportation and logistics. As Europe is pushing for a comprehensive long-term strategy on transport infrastructures and models, Italy should start implementing the process right away


The 4th International forum on food and nutrition - Main sponsor Barilla - Bocconi University

Speed MI Up: Bocconi University opens a Start-up Incubator

Bocconi University opens Speed MI Up, the incubator for start-ups branded Bocconi University, Milan’s Chamber of Commerce and Milan’s City Council.


Università Bocconi, Milan

Heineken forms an alliance with the Bocconi University

Students taking the course in brand management as part of the degree program for the specialization in marketing management at the Bocconi University are eligible to participate in a training initiative with Heineken Italia. By the end of March, projects [...]


Detroit. Sergio Marchionne, FIAT's Chief Executive Officer, with the president Barack - ANSA / JOE WILSSENS - US FIAT GROUP

We’re still too autarchic on the global market

Business has trained its sights on the domestic market and politics. Analysis of a historian who links lack of growth to Tangentopoli. A chat with Giuseppe Berta*