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The impact of “green economy” on Italian employment rate

A few years ago, green economy was approached as an answer to the crisis itself. Since then, it has not disappointed any expectation


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A breakthrough study by Enrico Moretti is named the best economic book in 2012

Forbes magazine called it easily the most important read of 2012 and extremely necessary for politicians and commentators alike, because of its capacity to artfully slay myriad myths that cloud the economic debate


Italo, the new Italian high speed train

How is Italy going to spend 7 billion Euros in infrastructures

It is up to government to decide among massive infrastructural projects and initiatives aimed at ameliorating and modernizing the existing infrastructure


Elsa Fornero, Welfare Minister

Italy, is record unemployment

Three things to be done immediately to fight it: ascertain the effects of the Fornero reform, reduce the tax wedge, change how government job placement works


Elsa Fornero, Minister of Welfare

Employment, why the Fornero reform has only wreaked havoc

Seven months after being launched, employment levels are headed in the opposite direction. And the worst-hit are the temps, the ones who should have been helped


Event for employment in Italy

Youth employment, the most sought-after jobs in Italy

Demand in the engineering, reception and wellbeing sectors


Alitalia aircraft - Fiumicino airport (Rome) (Credits: ANSA)

Alitalia: redistribution of work and no redundancies

Here is how the employees of the airline will be organized after the plan to prevent dismissals


In the photo, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and BCE chairman Mario Draghi, Monday 23 January in Brussels

The correct formula is more market and a lot less government

Growth can’t come from European governments. More liquidity is necessary, more public spending and additional taxes. Because capital and finance have an innate capacity for adaptation